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We recently lost Belle to a form of blood cancer. She is sorely missed as she was our quiet, shy, stubborn, loving, motherly dog who all the others looked up to for comfort and security. She loved puppies, no matter whose they were, and would lay quietly with them for long periods of time as a baby sitter. Until we are all together again, Belle, chase your balls and be happy!
Koynes Belle of Great Oaks
The Males
Thumb's Up Cool Breez at Koynes "Bree"
Bree's pedigree is stacked with champions on both sides and both of her parents have their Canine Good Citizen Certificate. She is incredibly smart and eager to please and has quite a goofy, fun loving, joy of life attitude. She is definately our comedienne! She runs around 55 pounds and is small boned. Bree was born 04/02/09, her hips have been OFA certified "good" and she is both AKC and ASCA registered and DNA'd. Bree is MDR1 normal (does not carry the drug resistance gene). Due to some health issues, Bree is now spayed and no longer used in breeding.
Star's Jaded Princess of Koynes
Jade was born February 10, 2014 and is AKC registered. Her hips are OFA'd "Good" and her eyes are certified "Normal". She is MDR1 normal (does not carry the gene for drug resistance), PRA-prcd clear, Degenerative Myelopathy clear, and CEA normal/Carrier. She is our most expressive dog as she grins and cocks her head to catch every word and sound. She is also incredibly affectionate and obedient and very much a velcro dog. She doesn't know a stranger, though she might give them a minute before demanding their undivided attention! Jade runs around 55 lbs.