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Cuttingacres Rodeo at Koynes
Rodeo is residing with our daughter and her husband who live near us. He was whelped March 7, 2008, has 2 blue eyes and a strong pedigree with a lot of champions in it. Rodeo is a fun loving, goofy, friendly, make us laugh kind of dog. He can't just wag his tail, he has to wiggle his whole body! He is incredibly social and doesn't know a stranger. His sunny disposition and desire to please make him an absolute delight to be around. His hips are OFA'd "good" and he runs around 70 pounds. He is AKC registered and DNA'd. He is an MDR1 carrier which means he has one copy of the drug resistance gene.
Prince is the son of Shiloh and Belle born 12/06/09. He got the best of both of his parents and says he is much more handsome than his sire. He is also a little bigger (taller) than Shiloh, and he lives with one of our employees and his family. He is even tempered, smart, loving, athletic, loyal, great with kids, and the epitomy of what I have been trying to breed in my program. Prince runs around 70 pounds, his hips have been OFA'd good, and he is AKC and ASCA registered and DNA'd. He is MDR1 Normal (does not carry the gene for drug resistance).
Koynes Prince of River Wolves