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Cuttingacres Rodeo at Koynes
Rodeo passed away suddenly, while surrounded by his loving family. We will miss his smiling, happy, wiggle butt!
Prince is the son of our foundation sire Shiloh and pretty little Belle and was born 12/06/09. He got the best of both of his parents as he is handsome and smart and he is also red factored. He is on the big side running around 80 pounds and is even tempered, smart, loving, athletic, loyal, great with kids, and except for his size, is the epitomy of what we have been trying to breed in our program. His hips have been OFA'd good, and he is AKC and ASCA registered and DNA'd. He is MDR1 Normal (does not carry the gene for drug resistance). Prince lives with one of our employees and their family, but is available upon request .
Koynes Prince of River Wolves
Star Great Lakes Onix at Koynes
Onix is a red factored Black tri who lives with our daughter's family and was named Onix by our Pokemon loving grandsons (no Onix is not misspelled!). He was born 6/3/2016 and is a smaller boy running about 45 pounds. Onix is a fun loving, affectionate, friendly, intelligent, athletic boy who doesn't know a stranger. He is happy to spread his affection to anyone willing and quickly becomes a favorite to everyone he meets. He seldom lets our two grandsons out of his sight and doesn't hesitate to defend them if one gets too rough with them. He loves water and when at our house, makes frequent trips into the pond...no matter how cold! Onix is OFA "Good" for hip displaysia, Normal/Normal for CEA, Clear for Degenerative Myelopathy, Clear for PRA-prcd, and Normal/Normal for MDR1.