"Boomer" playing "keep away"
"Tassa" ready for chores
Jedi knight "Ahmee"...may the force be with you
"Sydney" babysitting her Yorkie sister
"Josie" keeping cool
Some of our offspring at work and play
The Females
Previous Pups
Available Pups
"Charlie" ready to party
"Chaser," "Willow" and "Diesel" enjoying some summer fun
"Willow" being a good big sister to Cheeno's puppies
The Males
"Ivy" the soccer star
"Rock's" obediance graduation picture
"Rodeo" playing mattress to our grandson
"Max" working out on his treadmill
"Chewbacca" with his best buddy
"Sully" I got it!!!
"Riley" fetch anyone?
"Massey" (left) learning the ropes from her new friend (no relation).
"Gracie" helping to navigate
"Odie" ready to do his laps!
"Shiloh" waiting on someone to play