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Just to clarify, when we talk about a sense of adventure, it indicates a puppy who is relatively fearless and curious. It can also indicate intelligence, but there are some dumb dogs out there who know no fear! The more adventurous a puppy is, the more they want to see new things and go different places. If you want a dog that will just stay home all the time, you do not want an adventurous puppy. If your lifestyle is such that you will take them different places on a regular basis, then you want one that will be comfortable with that. An adventurous dog who does not get enough of that need satisfied, is more likely to work at getting out of their yard and go wandering on their own.

The more energetic a puppy/dog is, the more you will have to do to burn that energy off in order to have a balanced, behaved dog. If your lifestyle is somewhat sedentary, then do not get a more energetic puppy. Likewise, if you want a jogging companion, then energy is good. A puppy with another dog in the house will burn more energy than a dog by itself. No matter how much we try, we just can't run or wrestle as well as another dog. We seldom have puppies that we would call high energy...most are medium in the grand scheme of things, but if they do not get enough activity, energy accumulates and overflows into things like chasing cars, digging holes in the flower bed, or constant barking. When discussing puppy energy, realize that it is a fluctuating thing. Puppies (and humans) must sleep to grow, so during growth periods, they will sleep more and appear to have less energy. Realize that Australian Shepherds are not a low energy breed!! Even the lowest energy puppy, will need some effort on your part to work off their energy.

An independent puppy looks less toward litter mates or us for direction or attention. If they are totally independent, then you wlll be unimportant to them in the grand scheme of things. The more they want our attention, the less independent they are. If you want a dog to work cattle for you, they need to be able to think on their own with some guidance from you, but if you want a dog which excels at obedience, they need to look to you for constant direction. Some dogs are better at thinking on their own than others. We don't think we have ever had a totally independent puppy. We spend too much time socializing them so that by the time they go home, they truly love human attention. Many of our puppies grow up to become dogs that think they should still be able to get on your lap, so be warned. The more attention a puppy needs, the more attention they will want as an adult. If you do not want a puppy that is constantly seeking attention, then look for one that is more independent. A velcro puppy is one that wants a lot of physical touch, ie, they will sit on your feet as opposed to beside your chair.
Star's Jaded Princess of Koynes (Jade) and Star Great Lakes Onix at Koynes (Onix) had 10 puppies born almost a week early and we lost 6 of them at just a few days old. Autopsy results indicated a septic bacterial infection, most likely introduced through the GI tract (from mom) since the umbilical cord did not look infected and there was no open wound externally. Major organs were infected including the heart. There was no indication of deformity or genetic abnormality. The surviving puppies were on antibiotics before the last puppy died just in case it was bacterial, and mom has also been on antibiotics as she has had mastitis. There is no reason to believe the surviving puppies have been, or will be affected going forward.

Puppies will be $1000 each ($950 if you have one of my puppies already). I have one puppy left.

Puppies have had tails docked, and have been vaccinated, wormed and vet checked. All are healthy. They will also be microchipped prior to going home.
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Cricket is a red tri male who has very little white on his face and head, but has a nice collar of white. I suspect he will resemble his daddy except be red instead of black as he has Onix's longer, leaner build. He is incredibly coordinated and athletic already (though not high energy) and will most likely need an active family and/or will excel at agility or sports! He is the most affectionate of the puppies and loves his attention.
Dragonfly is residing with the Hake-Hernandez family in Beavercreek, Ohio.
Firefly is a red merle male with a long lean build like his daddy and a lot of white on his face and collar. He is the smallest puppy and the most submissive choosing to flee rather than fight. He is fairly agile but because of his small size, he can't quite make some of the steps and things the bigger puppies can. He always goes as far as possible to potty, and loves his blanket at bed time. He was the first to figure out the dog door and is usually the first to come when called. He is going to be a Velcro dog.
Honeybee is residing with the Russell family in Columbus, Ohio
Week eight has been about sleeping hard, playing hard and exploring. The play is rough and puppy teeth hurt, but they are learning what is too rough and are also learning the word "no" - both in human speak and in dog speak. They have been spending quite a bit of time inside as it has been really hot and they discovered the bliss of air conditioning. When we can't find a puppy, we just check all the registers! They are still really good about coming when called, and as long as they go out about midnight, they have not been messing in their kennel when let out at 6 a.m. They have been exploring further and further and today found a dead squirrel and burrs. Not my idea of fun, but they thought so!

This coming week, all but Cricket will be going to their forever homes. When that happens, we will start leaving Cricket in a crate in the house so he can be with the big dogs and not by himself. Hopefully, he will find his forever family soon. I am sure he will enjoy getting all of the attention from all of us!

Because of their increase in activity, they will be harder to see on camera. Just keep checking in and eventually you will be rewarded!