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5 weeks
Just to clarify, when we talk about a sense of adventure, it indicates a puppy who is relatively fearless and curious. It can also indicate intelligence, but there are some dumb dogs out there who know no fear! The more adventurous a puppy is, the more they want to see new things and go different places. If you want a dog that will just stay home all the time, you do not want an adventurous puppy. If your lifestyle is such that you will take them different places on a regular basis, then you want one that will be comfortable with that. An adventurous dog who does not get enough of that need satisfied, is more likely to work at getting out of their yard and go wandering on their own.

The more energetic a puppy/dog is, the more you will have to do to burn that energy off in order to have a balanced, behaved dog. If your lifestyle is somewhat sedentary, then do not get a more energetic puppy. Likewise, if you want a jogging companion, then energy is good. A puppy with another dog in the house will burn more energy than a dog by itself. No matter how much we try, we just can't run or wrestle as well as another dog. We seldom have puppies that we would call high energy...most are medium in the grand scheme of things, but if they do not get enough activity, energy accumulates and overflows into things like chasing cars, digging holes in the flower bed, or constant barking. When discussing puppy energy, realize that it is a fluctuating thing. Puppies (and humans) must sleep to grow, so during growth periods, they will sleep more and appear to have less energy. Realize that Australian Shepherds are not a low energy breed!! Even the lowest energy puppy, will need some effort on your part to work off their energy.

An independent puppy looks less toward litter mates or us for direction or attention. If they are totally independent, then you wlll be unimportant to them in the grand scheme of things. The more they want our attention, the less independent they are. If you want a dog to work cattle for you, they need to be able to think on their own with some guidance from you, but if you want a dog which excels at obedience, they need to look to you for constant direction. Some dogs are better at thinking on their own than others. We don't think we have ever had a totally independent puppy. We spend too much time socializing them so that by the time they go home, they truly love human attention. Many of our puppies grow up to become dogs that think they should still be able to get on your lap, so be warned. The more attention a puppy needs, the more attention they will want as an adult. If you do not want a puppy that is constantly seeking attention, then look for one that is more independent. A velcro puppy is one that wants a lot of physical touch, ie, they will sit on your feet as opposed to beside your chair.
Puppies were born 8/18/2017! 4 still available.
Star's Jaded Princess of Koynes (Jade) and Star's Dark Shadow of Thornapple (Barney) had 8 healthy puppies August 18. Puppies are $1000 each. Puppies have now been vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and are healthy. See individual puppies below for availability.
At 8 weeks old, I am ready for puppies to go to their homes as they are in their terrible twos (2 months that is) and just like toddlers, they are into everything and don't want to listen as they easily distract each other. So, keeping track of 8 puppies has become a full time job and convincing them that they want to come in for the night had become a half hour process as opposed to the 5 minutes it used to take! They are also more vocal when they don't get what they want. This is just one of many stages and soon over especially as once in their forever homes, they no longer have seven others to distract them. On the other hand, I love them and I will really miss them, but am confident they will be very happy in their new homes. This whole litter has been very good about traveling and are not fearful when in strange places. They are good about staying close to people and/or familiar territory and as a pack, are the least independent, most attentive puppies I think we have ever had. They all run to people and love cuddles so I hope you want a snuggly dog! Puppies are playing hard and sleeping hard and are just starting into their leggy stage. They are doing really well with housebreaking and are holding it 5 to 6 hours a night. When in the house (which is a lot when we are home), they still have some accidents, but are starting to run for the door when we yell at them to stop. Most opt to go outside on their own and all recognize that outside is the place to potty, they just don't have the maturity yet to plan ahead when the need strikes.
Jaguar is now with the Alexander family (our daughter) and will continue our breeding program in a couple of years once old enough to certify hips. She has 7 year old twin boys and 2 other dogs to keep her busy and loved while her human daddy is spoiling her rotten.
Serval is a red tri female. We opted not to dock her tail or remove dew claws as she was too weak at 3 days old which is when they get done. Her pack mates think it is a great handle to grab on to and it is always wagging! She is scrappy and holds her own with her bigger siblings and has caught up with them in size. She is relatively fearless, though not particularly adventurous and she loves her snuggles.
Ocelot is a red tri female with a white collar on her left half. She is the smallest puppy, is not particularly adventurous, is a more submissive personality, and one of the most affectionate of the puppies . She loves being wherever we are and can usually be found napping at someone's feet.
Cheetah is now residing with Star Kennels in Michigan (where both his mother and father originated) to continue their program.
CHEETAH-male not for sale
Lynx is a red tri male and the only one in the litter with a full collar. He is nicely marked and the smallest male. He is also more submissive than most of his pack mates, and the most conservative about trying new things. He would do best in a quiet home, or one with another, more self assured dog who can boost his sense of security . He too is a snuggler.
Panther is a black tri male with very little white except on his face. He is one of the more alert and active puppies and hates to miss anything. He is usually the first to come running when he hears our voice and loves to explore, but would rather do it with us. He loves laying his head on a shoulder or foot and will probably be what we call a velcro dog.
Puma is now residing with the White/Dewey family in Charlotte, MI
Tiger is our puppy of "firsts" as he is the first one to figure new things out. He is the biggest puppy in the pack and has become the quiet leader without being pushy or aggressive about it. He is constantly checking in and will just sit quietly and wait for us to notice him and give him attention. He will follow us anywhere and always comes when we call.
This is my puppy pin wheel and what they look like at feeding time.
JAGUAR - not for sale